How to apply


Remove from Tray and Prep

Gently remove the lashes from the tray by pulling on both ends of the
band until it’s detached, do not tug or pull on the hairs, only remove from the band.

Then hold the lush up against your eyelid to check the fit to the natural length of lash line.


Measure, Trim and Prep

Using scissors, trim the excess of the lush band to the size of your eyes. Always trim from the outer corner of the lush

Curl and apply mascara (when desired) to your natural lashes only.


Apply Lash Glue

Using your preferred Lash Adhesive, brush a thin, even strip of glue to the entire lash band. Wait a few seconds until the glue becomes tacky.

Add a little extra to the corners for extra hold

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Apply Lashes and Brush

Once the glue is tacky carefully apply the lashes to base of your natural lash line, pushing it down as close as possible and hold for a few seconds for it to dry. Secure any corners and pinch down to hold glue in place. Leave lashes in place and wait for the glue to dry.

Once it dries perfectly in place, brush lashes upward using a clean mascara wand

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How to Remove your Lashes


Dissolving the Glue

Using a q-tip, dab some oil-free makeup remover along the band of the
false lashes.

Wait a few seconds for the glue to start softening.


Gently Remove your Yves Lashes

Gently push down the lashes by the band area, avoid pulling or tugging on the individual strands.

If you notice any resistance, repeat dissolving glue step. Band should come of eyes effortlessly. Handle by the band only


Remove Glue from Lashes

Once the lashes are removed, gently and carefully rub off remnants of lash
glue from the lush band, you can use a q-tip or cotton swab dipped in oil-free makeup remover Wait a few seconds to allow the glue to dissolve.

This will keep your lashes lightweight and flexible, extending the life of your lashes. Avoid rubbing the individual strands


Store Safely

Once the glue has been removed from the band, store them in their original casing after use, to prevent flattening, or any unwanted dust, dirt, or debris from collecting.

This will allow your lashes to stay look fabulous for longer.