A lash romance to remember. TM

Founded by Celebrity Makeup Artist  Yvette Elias, Yves Lashes is a luxurious ready-to-wear lash personified by over a decade of history in the world of makeup and lash mastering.

Yvette spent years personalising each lash on each client, perfecting that perfect flutter by stacking multiple lashes in different styles, trimming bands and lengths to get it just right.

Yvette has been behind the scenes assisting in designing the invisible band and the fluffy looking lash concept for many lash brands for decades, helping them design that perfect fit and look for clients who wanted a natural glam look.

Our exclusive Lash collection include Human Hair, Synthetic, Faux Mink, Mink and 3D variations.

Our Innovative Yves Lashes have been individually designed to mimic luxurious natural looking lashes while also being light weight,  soft, comfortable, wispy  and glamorous.

Yves Lashes strive to have everything you want in an eyelash!

If it’s just an everyday natural lash to a full effect dramatic luxe look we have it all.

For our vegan and animal friendly lovers we have the Human Hair and Faux Mink collection.

For our Glam Queens  we have our Luxurious Mink collection for that ultra-glam look.

The single most desired accessory for the face; a finishing touch for the makeup lovers.

Yves Lashes is a must have in your makeup bags or Kits

Created to be one of the world’s most luxurious natural looking lashes.