About Us

Sydney Interiors was established in 1995 as primarily a gyprocking & plastering company which have successfully completed numerous projects throughout Sydney.

Since its inception Sydney Interiors are now capable of undertaking complete interior & exterior fit-outs from start to finish of both commercial, industrial and residential stature. It’s through Sydney Interiors commitment, dedication & desire to produce unique outcomes for its clients has Crown flourished into a unique company.

Sydney Interiors commitments to clients includes providing adequate resources and expertise to successfully procure and deliver & complete all projects.

The director of Sydney Interiors is actively involved in all projects from concept to completion, offering years of knowledge and experience in all types of projects.


“Quality management is the foundation on which Sydney Interiors services and business operations are conducted.”

Sydney Interiors recognises the importance of providing a quality service to our clients and ensures that these principals are evident throughout our projects.

Our construction quality process includes:

  • Project assessment and compliance certification
  • Project control services involving inspection and compliance.
  • Appointment of a foreman to oversee the works and communicate the scope and detailed requirements of the project.
  • Monitoring compliance with the construction programme that provides guidance for planning and preparation of the work.


“Sydney Interiors is committed to the highest standards of Occupational Health and Safety.”

This statement is based on a belief that the well-being of all employees and non employees is of major priority & must be considered during all works. A range of systems, checks and programs implemented throughout the organisation enables us to achieve our goal of a workplace free of incidents and injuries.


“Sydney Interiors embraces the need for environmentally and sustainable development processes within its projects and is committed to providing environmentally friendly projects.”

The Sydney Interiors team will provide sustainability principles & ideologies at the design stage of projects that contribute to the ‘health’ of the facility, minimise the carbon footprint and have a long-term viability.